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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Waves in the Dreaming

Peter Wolf Crier's Inter-Be opens warmly, bringing to mind Justin Vernon's vocals and Granddaddy's musicality on "Crutch and Cane."  This drum and guitar duo bring you lots of fuzzy, minimalist indie pop and oodles of charm.  While this might have you thinking this means they are insincere, you would be sorely mistaken.  The second track, "Hard as Nails" showcases the fine finger work Peter Pisano is capable of on guitar, and the level of intensity you can get with just two instruments and vocals.  The first standout track is number 3, "Down Down Down," beginning with M. Ward style strumming, slowly layering in light cymbal, and vocally building toward a moving crescendo of guitar and drums.  Great tune to calm you down!  "Untitled 101" and "For Now" feature excellent effects and upbeat guitar with beautifully layered piano and drums.  "You're so High" rolls on with smooth vocals, and their signature noisy but subtle mix of drum and guitar.  "Demo 01" reminds me of lazy Sunday afternoons spent listening to Trampled by Turtles.  This song makes fantastic use of palm-muting, successfully incorporating a light melody on keys and is not lacking in harmony or rhythm, but then I must admit, these two seem to have a strong grasp on technical musicianship, to which they add a hefty dose of soul.  "Lion" has some classic folk and country essence, reminding me of some Porter Waggoner if he had a sexy indie voice.  "Playwright" uses down tempo drums melded with impeccably strummed guitar and longing vocals, all layered with fuzzy effects reminiscent of Beach House and Elliott Smith.  We move on to "Saturday Night" a true roots-rock gem needing no explanation.  You really have to hear this for yourself to experience the emotions evoked by this musical expression.  Ending with "In Response" which has more wonderful pairings of primitive drums and guitar strums, lending a slowly rolling wave of sensuous sound to beautiful vocals.  As an end to an extremely promising debut,  you couldn't ask for more.   I hope we get th hear fantastic future sounds from these fine young gentlemen very soon.  They are surely worthy of the praise already received, and I hope you will look into buying this album, which comes out May 25, 2010 on Jagjaguwar.

Here is a small taste courtesy of the label:
Crutch and Cane and Hard as Nails (right click to download, or left click just to listen)

And here's a video of "Untitled 101":
Untitled 101- youtube video

Love and peace,

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