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Monday, May 17, 2010

4 x 10 = 0mg

You have a Gristleizer, a bass guitar, an old casio keyboard, and two bored dudes in Little Rock who happen to be musicians, so what can you do?  You record an album called 0 mg under the name Medicide.  Sid Sickness and Alex Death bring you 46 minutes of fuzzy, glorious noise, often resulting in an overdose of bass euphoria due to a wonderful gadget known as the Gristleizer.  Using this analog fun house Medicide supply an abundance of warped bass and keyboard, amalgamating into a pile of twisted beats and looping chords.  This is one continuous but evolving track which succeeds in capturing the feeling of being up in the wee hours of the morning pounding your bass and percussion to death, even though this particular piece was recorded in the afternoon.

Get the details on this extremely limited release (only 40 copies and many are spoken for) at Retro Virus Records or contact Alex at Facebook.

Love to your mother,

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