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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's a soft shock

To make up for my inability to post music yesterday, here are a couple of awesome songs for you!

Gorillaz- Some Kind of Nature ft. Lou Reed
As a die hard Lou Reed fan, I will try listening to anything he puts out or contributes to, never to be disappointed.  (Even the crazy canine concert sounds fabulous.)  This track is well thought out amongst a sea of interesting tunes by this quirky bunch of musicians, and Reed's voice adds a unique sound to an otherwise mellow tune.  I recommend sipping something smooth and delicious to go with this tasty track.

Xiu Xiu-Dear God I Hate Myself
With a self-explanatory title such as this, you might think you'd hear a few whiny vocals and poorly strummed chords on a mangy guitar, but thank goodness for our sakes that this is not the case.  Jamie Stewart, the man behind the music, gives us an incredible mix of noise and vocals, as well as excellent keyboard and drum machine work on this haunting piece.  "If you burn a candle while listening to this record, you can see your future." (Almost Famous)

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