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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I just want to shake you up baby.

Today will be a light day, but one with a couple of treats for your ears.

Track numero uno:
"Lullabye"- Followed by Static
Dang it I'm sad I missed the show in Hot Springs, but at least I can listen to some of his music on the internet.  This is a great track which exemplifies the aggressiveness of vocal harmonies produced by this talented fellow.  While the journey begins in ambient loops, this song steadily moves toward a foul and rather fantastic blend of rock-inspired riffs and in your face lyrics.  Not to be missed!

Numero dos:
"Infinity Guitars"- Sleigh Bells
Don't call it electro-pop!  This electronic hard rock outfit could kick Abba's ass and dance while doing so.  I'm loving the songs I'm hearing on their debut TREATS, on which you'll find this swanky tune.  A marvelous look into what could be your new favorite album, this particular number could easily have been written by Karen O and Phil Lynott, if such a thing had been possible.  Even if you don't normally enjoy female vocalists, this could be the song to change your mind.  Fo reelz.

Hopefully we'll have another interview and an album review soon, so keep spreading the word!

Love and peace,

Reniazen     Preorder Treats by clicking this link!

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