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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let's get started off right: 05/11/2010

Here are two tracks for your listening pleasure:
Pat Boone covering Crazy Train

You might look at this and wonder whether or not your sanity is still intact, but fear not my friends, you are not going crazy.  Pat Boone has a metal covers album, and this is absolutely the best track.  I never knew this song could sound good when covered in a Franki Valli style, but I've been disproved once more.  And I'm glad that I have, because this is one of my new ipod musts for the moment.  Enjoy!

St. Vincent- The Strangers
I'm starting to find it easier to find female vocalists I enjoy, rather than some whiny blonde bimbo singing songs she can barely read.  St. Vincent provides polished tunes that your mom might like, but that you can still rock out to.  Witness "The Strangers" from 4AD's SXSW compilation- which you can still grab on their website (or ask me nicely and I'll get it to you:)  The opening melody reminds me of my childhood summers wandering through damp rice paddies and trying to fish in muddy reservoirs.  This is only the beginning of a beautiful, if somewhat melancholy, song which I highly recommend.  (Don't worry, I'll try not to overuse that phrase friends!)


  1. I remember that Pat Boone bit. It was used as the intro for "the Osbournes" circa 2002. It was great finally listening to it again.

  2. Thanks! It is pretty ridiculous how awesome that song is:)


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