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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

United in Difference

Women- Public Strain promo image

Public Strain by Canadian band Women possesses distinct originality and captures the essence of music through lo-fi sonic experimentation.  Sounds similar to Warsaw, Neutral Milk Hotel, and The Unicorns can be found throughout the disc.  Track 2, "Heat Distraction," reminds me of what rock should be- simple, powerful, melodic and thoughtful.  Great guitar intros, sizzling drums, and understated, sparse vocals skillfully backed by steady bass make this a standout track.  Could this album be what Iggy Pop and Paul McCartney might have produced if they formed a band in the mid-70s?  Possibly.  Elegantly subtle, yet raw and full of energy, this album will have you gathering household objects for noise-making parties.  At times melancholy and somber, breaking into upbeat, joyful harmonies, Public Strain is indicative of what I hope is a lasting resurgence in melodic rock.

For more information please visit JAGJAGUWAR.

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