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Friday, August 13, 2010

Follow the Graphite and Ink

Many people have seen the wonderful covers by comic artist Alex Ross, but few have seen the beginnings of such covers.  With Rough Justice, Alex Ross and editor Chip Kidd provide a glimpse of some never before revealed sketches and roughs for many iconic covers and comic book characters.  Inside the pencil-drawn, canvas bound hardcover book you will find the beginnings of covers for JSA, Kingdom Come, and Batman RIP among others.  With an easy to follow layout, and sketchbook like design, fans and newcomers to the works of Ross will enjoy perusing this volume and learning about some proposed, but never published stories and character arcs, as well as long-loved favorites at DC- the big three.  You can find Alex Ross on Facebook and Twitter, and you can purchase the book, published by Pantheon Graphic Novels, a division of Random House, at your local bookstore, or online at:

Five stars go to this delicious book!

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