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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Funky Freshness


Boisterous, rowdy, and impeccably mixed are things one might expect from the indomitable Kevin Barnes, but that doesn't make the superlatives any less true.  With a slew of magnificent musical offerings already available, the sweet beats and trippy lyrics on False Priest leave me satisfied and tempted.  The single and third track on the album, "Coquet Coquette," changes how I previously felt about dance rock and pop together, meaning this song melds them well enough for me to want more.  "You Do Mutilate" is full of awesomeness, most notably the ending monologue.  You really should hear for yourself.  False Priest does not lack the inventiveness of a solo-produced Of Montreal/Kevin Barnes album, and Mr. Brion can rest assured that he hasn't lost any fans for the band, but has quite possibly gained some more for himself.  (On a side note, I still hate Kanye West.)

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