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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


STRFKR Julius 7in
“Julius” is bouncy and full of life.  I could play this and the subsequent track “Helium Muffin” (which slows it down a notch then kicks it right back up) on repeat for days and not get weary of these infectious songs.  With amazingly alluring bass lines, trippy keyboards and fantastic layering of guitars and synth effects, you don’t want to miss this release!

O proves that good American punk does exist after 1979, a fact which I found to be quite a relief.  Noisy, fast-paced guitars with simple drums and raucous vocals carry this brief album to its climax.  Gritty and determined to crawl under your skin and make your ears melt, this fun little record combines some of my favorite sounds such as The Cramps, The Slits and Jay Reatard.  “Knowledge is Death” is a total knockout, bringing the beastly guitar lines crunching down hard and intensifying the drums.  If you would like to find out for yourself, please visit the link below to learn more and purchase this fine release.

Love and peace, and more to come:)

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