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Monday, September 27, 2010

Out of the Blue and into the Black

Friends and familiars please welcome Starfucker (or for those people who've seen the latest Polyvinyl promos STRFKR) for a brief Q&A.  They are currently touring the U.S., and if you are going to be in Little Rock this Wednesday, Sept. 29th they are playing a show at Juanita's with The Octopus Project- go check it out!


1. What influence have your travels had on your music?
Josh has recently started writing on the road while on tour, so it's had a lot of influence. Every place we go has a different feel and sets off various moods, and that comes through in the music. Especially the darker side. 

2. To whom do you look most for inspiration in life and art?
Friends are a big one, usually try to think of friends when writing and if they'd like it or not.

3. Who are some of your favorite creative minds (artists, musicians, writers, etc.)?
Alan Watts, Stevie Wonder, Longmont Potion Castile

4. Do you have a favorite venue at which you've performed?
Neumos in Seattle is amazing, they really have their shit together and are super nice. and also have a stellar VHS collection in the green room. Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco and Empty Bottle in Chicago are also both amazing, mainly because they are so nice as well.

5. Why do you think so few (talented/good) artists will play in Arkansas (I have some ideas, but I like to know what others think)?
Not quite sure? it might just be routing thing? we're playing in Little Rock this time! which is a first for us, so we're excited to see what Arkansas has to offer! we stayed in Texarkana once, it was scary...

6. How has your move to polyvinyl affected you, and do you think it's been a good move?
We feel that signing with Polyvinyl is one of the best things to happen to us. they are AMAZING! and it truly feels like the perfect fit. As a band we really hate the music business. There's a lot of people in it for the wrong reasons, and Polyvinyl are obviously in it for the right ones. they're real people that actually care about music!

To find out more about the band, and to purchase some sweet sounds, head over to POLYVINYLRECORDS.COM:)

Love and peace,

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