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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pontypool Changes Everything

Pontypool (2008):
Dir- Bruce McDonald
Writer-Tony Burgess
Stars: Stephen McHattie, Lisa Houle, & Georgina Reilly

Sick of glittery vampires without fangs, shitty remakes of true cinematic masterpieces, and movies with 18 sequels (aka franchises bent on destroying the film industries' last breath of creativity)? Well do I have a gnarly gem for you; Pontypool. Many of you may know that I love a good, gutsy zombie film, whether it's Dead Snow or Fido, but this one takes the cake! Fresh, original, and damn thrilling, Pontypool delivers what few horror films manage, though many have tried; you are actually tense during this film, constantly trying to figure out what the hell is going on (in a good way.)
Did I mention there's politics, philosophy, and a tiny bit of quantum physics, too? Hot damn, how's that for entertainment! Don't wait too long for your next trip to the soon-to-be-deceased video store, so you can find out for yourself just how stellar this film truly is.

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