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Friday, July 2, 2010

Did you dream of being a scorpion, a walker on the road, or a little ghost?

I have been waiting all year for this album, and even though I expect amazing things from Wolf Parade, Expo 86 delivers more than even I could have dreamed.  Opening with the killer "Cloud Shadow on the Mountain," this is not your grandpa's rock and oldies.  This is in your face, fabulous rock madness, with a touch of technical perfection and sonic enlightenment.  If you need something to wake you up, this is a great album to choose.  "Palm Road" sounds like a cross between Tom Petty and Handsome Furs (fitting since Dan Boeckner has expressed a love of the best blondie in rock), you won't find any copies here though. Next we have "What Did my Lover Say?" which was one of the first songs most people were given a taste of prior to the release of the album, and remains a strong presence, with Krug keys and lyrics, amongst a powerhouse of musical tidbits.  "Little Golden Age," and "In the Direction of the Moon" are examples of some fine-tuned guitar licks and smoothed out key changes as only Krug and Boeckner can succeed in so doing.  "Ghost Pressure" fills your blood with swirling sonic happiness and makes you feel like you're listening to the death of awful dance-rock forever.  "Pobody's Nerfect" opens with some classic punkrock chords but quickly goes into stylish key chords and light drums rolling along into a commanding combination of guitar and vocals.  "Two Men in New Tuxedos" experiments with some amazing effects and brings us a lighter side of a darker subject.  "Oh You Old Things," is decidedly enhanced by amazing synth and guitar, playing on earlier themes of Soft Cell and Talking Heads' influence.   "Yulia" brings us into the now via Clash-style vocals and driving power chords.  Last but not least, you'll hear "Cave-o-sapien," with even more stunning layers of guitar and keys, mixed with a joy and love for great music that is hard to come by these days.  These boys really know how to put together an album, after two amazing full-length records, they've outdone themselves again!  Please support the group and purchase this album:)

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